Not long ago, cloud computing was unfamiliar technology for the average user. Now, most of us use it for everyday tasks like checking our email, sharing photos, and listening to music. Cloud computing is even more valuable for businesses. Beyond modernized email solutions, cloud-based accounting and customer relationship management software are perfect for companies on a budget. You need a business partner that can guide you through the hype and teach you how to maximize productivity and lower expenses while maintaining security -- Lotus Management Services is the perfect match.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted email easily captures all the benefits of cloud computing, such as:

  • Low upfront cost and pay-for-what-you-use pricing
  • Access from internet-enabled mobile devices
  • The ability to delete data from lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Mobile synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
  • Email archiving
  • Flexible retention policies

Cloud Applications

Salesforce, Quicken Online, and countless other cloud-based applications can be customized to add value to your business. In addition to increased mobility and security, these applications come with several other benefits:

  • Compatible with any operating system: Windows, MAC, iOS, or Android
  • Ease of use by a distributed workforce
  • Low operating and management costs

Free Cloud Analysis

Learn how cloud-based computing can save your company money and empower your staff.

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