Virtualization is the process of creating several "virtual" servers on a few hardware servers. This translates to lower energy, cooling, acquisition, and maintenance costs. Another benefit is more rapid deployment of servers in your environment. Lotus Management Services’ personnel can remotely deploy a new server via a remote connection in as little as 10 minutes.

VMware is the leader in cloud infrastructure and virtualization software, helping organizations innovate and thrive, which is why our team has chosen it as a preferred vendor. We can design and implement a system for your server infrastructure that will move your business forward.

Lotus Management Services technicians are certified by Veeam -- the leading replication and data security software provider – to deliver advanced data and availability solutions. Veeam is the go-to solution for the always-on, modern data centers.

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Contact us today for a free assessment of your current server utilization. We can lower your hardware costs, speed up your existing hardware solutions, and optimize your virtualization infrastructure with ongoing support.

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